Commercial vacuum cleaner Nilfisk GM 80 P

Commercial vacuum cleaners Nilfisk GM 80 P

The Nilfisk GM 80 is a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner that features a
standard four-stage filtration system plus a large capacity paper bag. Because of
its compact size, the GM 80 can be used where larger pieces of equipment cannot
fit. In addition to general plant maintenance, the optional HEPA or ULPA filter
makes this vacuum ideal for use in a cleanroom.


• Extra-large main filter ensures a steady, even airflow which extends filter life and eliminates premature clogging
• Motor thermal protection device prevents overheating caused by failure to keep filters clean or by accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose
• Ball-joint couplings give 360° freedom of movement without hoses splitting and cracking, while eliminating knots
• Microfilter
• By-pass motor module