Escalators and mobile walkways: Escalator Base

Amazing results for cleaning escalators

The Duplex Escalator Base is a compact machine for cleaning any moving escalator or mobile walkway. It can be used in dry mode for sweeping, or with a detergent solution for washing.

The Duplex Escalator Base, combined
with any dry or wet extractor (not included), can be used for thoroughly sweeping and cleaning the steps (dry or wet): surface dirt and dust are collected in its container without leaving any residue

After the entire surface has been swept, the machine dispenses a detergent solution from its stainless steel tanks, thus removing any stubborn dirt and encrustations in the grooves.


  • The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keeps the machine on track in the working position.
  • This is the only dual action machine with a washing cycle action which can be reversed simply by inverting the position of the handle.
  • The Duplex Escalator Base is supplied with a compact trolley for easy transport.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Available in 35 cm and 55 cm widths.

Technical specifications

Washing width 350 / 550 mm
Dimensions mm 475×465(665)x250h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Cord
Voltage 115 – 240 Volt
Frequency 60 – 50 Hz
Noise level < 64 dBA
Solution tank 5,4 / 9,5 Lt
Recovery tank 2.3 / 3,6 Lt
Weight 28 / 39 kg
Absorbed power 1000/1250 – 1480/1600 watt
Packaging dimensions mm 1000x660x1150h