Escalators and mobile walkways: Escalator Combi

High speed operation for quality results in cleaning mobile walkways

The Duplex Escalator Combi’s body is made in stainless steel, while its powerful extractor section is enclosed in a polypropylene housing.
All controls are electrical.

The machine’s head features a stainless steel brush guard.

The Duplex Escalator Combi has a positioning brake which enables it to work unsupervised.

The head is fitted with a swing mount which makes it easy to switch the head around for cleaning the sides of the installation.


The Duplex Escalator Combi comes with a complete set of accessories:

  • Integrated wheels for easy transport and use on site.
  • Positioning brake for unsupervised operation.
  • Detergent solution dispenser and extractor in a single housing.
  • Emptying out fluid and solid dirt is easy with the machine’s drain hose.
  • Head inverting bracket: makes it easy to switch between working positions.
  • Automated detergent solution dispensing and extraction.
  • Regulated dispensing reduces waste to a minimum.
  • Can be fitted with 35/55 cm heads.

Technical specifications

Washing width 350 / 550 mm
Dimensions mm 475×465(665)x986h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Cord
Voltage 115 -230 Volt
Frequency 60-50 Hz
Noise level <64 dBA
Solution tank 18 Lt
Recovery tank 25 Lt
Weight mod 350 (74kg) mod 550 (84 kg)
Absorbed power 1000/1250 – 1600/1480 Watt
Packaging dimensions mm 1200x800x1180 h