Escalators and mobile walkways: Escalator Professional

Patented homing guidance system for even easier operation

The Duplex Escalator Professional features special brushes which rotate to drive the bristles deep into the surface grooves, raise the dry dirt and dust and collect it in the extractor.

The first step is dry sweeping; then, Duplex Escalator Professional automatically dispenses the detergent solution in the dispenser with its pressure pump and filter.

The detergent acts in combination with the graded brushes to dissolve the grime, grease and any remaining dirt, including encrustations, still in the grooves.

The steps, completely cleaned of any dirt and solid residue, are restored to their original shine, thanks to the powerful centrifugal action of the machine’s Duplex brushes.


  • The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keeps the machine on track in the working position.
  • Integral trolley.
  • Extractor included.
  • Detergent solution dispenser included.
  • Automatic electronic control of detergent dispensing.
  • Available in 35 cm and 55 cm widths.

Technical specifications

Washing width 350 / 550 mm
Dimensions mm 475×480(680)x250 h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Cord
Voltage 115 – 240 Volt
Frequency 60 – 50 Hz
Noise level < 64 dBA
Solution tank 12 Lt
Recovery tank 2.3 / 3,6 Lt
Brushes speed 650-750 rpm
Weight 50 / 65 kg
Absorbed power 1250-1000 / 1480-1600 watt
Vacuum cleaner capacity 14 Lt
Packaging dimensions mm 800x1200x1570h