Floorwasher and carpetwasher: 620 Standard

A new working experience: deep cleaning

Recommended up to 550mq
Brush width: 55 cm
Fuel tank capacity: 9.5 l
Power: 1600 W
Weight: 36 kg

The Duplex 620 cleans every type of floor, carpet tile and carpet and recovers all types of dirt: liquid, solid, mud, grease, dust, paper, rubble and cigarettes.

The Duplex 620 completely does away with the need to sweep or vacuum the floor before washing it.

The special patented dirt recovery system transports the dirt into a removable container.

The bi-directional handle makes it easy to use the machine in any direction; the Duplex 620 – exceptionally handy and easy to use – can be used with just one hand.


  • Prewash function: Duplex products have the option of disabling detergent solution recovery for prewashing, a huge benefit when cleaning very dirty floors.
  • Brush pressure adjustment: the brush pressure can be adjusted for better cleaning results.
  • Duplex machines have special brushes for every type of flooring and dirt:
    1. Black brushes for cleaning very dirty floors;
    2. Yellow brushes for delicately cleaning carpet tile and carpets;
    3. Very abrasive Tynex brushes;
    4. Scotch-Brite brushes with a slightly abrasive polishing action, especially suited for smooth/linoleum floors.

Technical specifications

Working surface 500-800 M²/h
Washing width 550 mm
Dimensions mm430x620x240h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Cord
Voltage 115-240 Volt
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Noise level < 64 dBA
Solution tank 9.5 Lt
Recovery tank 3.6 Lt
Brushes speed 650-750 rpm
Brushes pressure 160 gr/cm2
Weight 37.5 kg
Absorbed power 1600 Watt
Packaging dimensions mm 650x510x360h