Professional hot water pressure washer NEPTUNE 2 Mod. 30 X special

Compactness, ease of storage, reliability and low running costs

Small size does not mean small performance

NEPTUNE 2 Special is equipped with a new strong 1450 rpm motor pump unit.

This ensures longer lifetime together with low noise.
This new model, which is a futher development of the NEPTUNE 2 in the well known innovative design, targets the users in the top end of the entry level of the
compact hot water cleaners those who needs more than a NEPTUNE 1 and NEPTUNE 2.

The versatile design allows the NEPTUNE 2 Special to be placed vertically or horizontally during transport – ideal for a commercial van or station wagon.

The optimally studies design the perfect balance, the large wheels and good ground clearance allows the cleaner to be easily tipper and pushed or pulled along uneven ground or up steps. It is an ideal tool for cleaning tasks in garages, cleaning vehicles and cars, and can be used within trade and small agriculture.


Design is one element. Technical performance, low cost cleaning and reliability are further key criteria.

• Mobile vertical design.
• 2800 RPM motor.
• Ceramic pistons.
• Brass cylinder head.
• Pressure activated unloader.
• Removable detergent tank.
• Low running and maintenance costs.
• Low fuel cut off.
• Flame sensor.
• Exhaust gas sensor.
• Two lance holders.
• Unbeatable ergonomics.
• Low storage space and footprint.
• Excellent cleaning performance.
• High pressure detergent.
• Ergo 2000 gun with hose swivel.

The good level of serviceability also reduces maintenance cost and thus, overall cost of cleaning.