SMILE digital vapor elite

smile-digitalvapor-elite-logoHealth and well-being

Organic residues and pathogenic bacteria is are eliminated with the steam at 140-150_C and hard to get to surfaces are reached (meat slicers, meat mincers, etc.). This machine brings together cleaning and disinfection in one step and reduces the use of chemical products.
Increased safety for operators by avoiding the use of hazardous solvents or detergents.

Steam is environmentally friendly

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1. Electronic management of the boiler function.
2. Temperature management with the use of the thermostat with manual reset.
3. IPX4 protection.
4. Automatic safety test every time the machine is turned on.

1. The water filter system allows savings on expensive traditional filter bags.
2. The steam saves on the use and disposal of detergents and solvents.

Discover SMILE digital vapor’s multi-functionality:
• Vacuum cleaner.
• Liquid vacuum cleaner.
• Continuous steam generator.
• Air freshener.
• Ecological.

Standard accessories


Optional accessories


Technical specifications

Drive: electric 230 v – 50 hz
Total power max: 3000 w
Max suction power: 1200 w
Boiler max power: 1800 w
Capacity stainless steel boiler: 1 l
max working pressure: 6 bar
Dimensions: 480x350x320 mm
Capacity refill tank: 1.5 l