Steam line COMBY 9000

Professional high performing steam system combined with a strong solid/liquid suction

The COMBY professional line is manufactured by the Italian company Commital-Sami and is designed and engineered for industrial and commercial use.

The hardest cleaning jobs are no longer a problem!
The joining of high temperature technology and the power of the steam make all cleaning jobs easier. The surfaces are cleaned and sterilized without the use of large quantities of chemical products or detergents. The resulting advantages in terms of money and time are considerable.

With the ability to independently use the vacuum and the superheated steam system, the COMBY professional steam machines have characteristics that make them useful and versatile.

Also, the detergent tank on the machines (controlled by a switch) allows for the cleaning of the chemical substances that might have been used during the cleaning process.


Discover the features of COMBY professional

• 180° 8 bar professional steam cleaner

• Powerful liquid vacuum cleaner

• Steam and vacuum at the same time

• Arranged for injection and extraction

Technical specifications

Operating pressure: 800kPa (8bar)
Boiler power: 9000W
Temperature max: 180°C
Electric power supply: 400V – 50/60Hz
Steam generation (water/hour): 15kg H²O/h
Boiler capacity: 3,8l
Dimensions: 880x380x700mm
Refill tank: 15l
Weight: 47kg
Detergent tank: 5l
Vacuum bucket: 7l
Max power: 10400W
Vacuum power: 1400W

Video presentation