Ventilated hot-plate

The Italian company, Commital-Sami, is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality professional machines and is the company that created UNIC cooking plus: An exclusive completely closed plate with Teflon surfaces that allows for cooking and quick and safe heating of various types of foods.
Croissants, hot sandwiches, stuffed toasts, grilled vegetables, sausages and hamburgers are ready in just a few seconds!

Easy to use and position thanks to its small size, UNIC cooking plus offers an optimal work surface in a small space.


UNIC cooking plus ventilated plate

• Multi-functionality

1. 1. A convenient handle lets you use UNIC like a hot plate (for toasts, sandwiches, meat, fish and vegetables) or like an oven (to warm pizzas, bruschetta and pre-cooked foods).
2. The temperature of the plate changes with the Grill option.
3. There is the possibility to combine more than one machine.

• Savings and Convenience: at full capacity the whole machine works with only 1.2 kW

1. A handy digital panel lets you program and change the temperature of the plates and the desired cooking times.
2. The set controls can be seen on the display.
3. There is also an acoustic and flashing signal that goes off when the cooking cycle is complete.

Discover the quality of UNIC cooking plus

• Easy to use.
• Uniformity in the cooking of food.
• Ventilated plate and oven.
• The filter can be washed in the dishwasher.
• Low power consumption.
• Easy to cleaning.
• TEFLON surfaces.

Ease of cleaning

Technical specifications

unix-dimensioniPower supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Total power  1200 W
Upper element power  400 W
Lower element power  800 W
Operating tempreature (max)  250 °C
Time of entry into operation (max)  12 min
Weight     18,5 Kg
Size    460 x 400 x 250 mm
Coating of the heating plates   TEFLON
Work surface   300 x 220 mm
Cycle duration    from 5s a 9:55 minn